Clear Float Glass

Float Glass
As a leader of the Glass Field,Our products all comply with standard such as China GB11614 ,Europ EN572 and Russia GOST111-2003,etc.

HEXAD Patterned Glass Processed

Patterned Glass Processed is to do further processing for normal patterned glass, such as cutting, grinding, coating film , laminating, bending and Tempering etc, to provide more suitable products for customers' requirement.

HEXAD Ultra Clear (or Low Iron) Patterned Glass, also named Ultra Clear (or Low Iron) Figured Glass or Ultra Clear (or Low Iron) Texture Glass, is produced by the most advanced technology and has high solar transmittance and low absorbance, with higher reflectance of infrared light by its unique low iron content and professional molding. It also can bear the radiation of solar ultraviolet without transmittance decline at the same time.


1. High light transmittance, more than 91.8%.

2. Excellent quality, comply with EN572-5/94.

3. Easy to be cut, ground, drilled, tempered, laminated and printed.


1. Solar panels.

2. Interior design and decorations.

3. Furnitures.

4. Windows and Balconies.



Thickness: 3.2mm, 4mm and so on.

Size: cut size according to customer's requirement.

Capacity: 10 x 20'FCL / Day / Line