Clear Float Glass

Float Glass
Thickness: 1.1mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm ect Size: 914x1220mm, 1524x2134mm, 1220x1830mm or produce according to customer's requirements.


    Hexad Anti Glare Glass is made of special chemical process, the characteristic is change the original reflective surface to non-reflective matt surface Combination of video imaging screen can pose a transparent anti-ray, anti-reflective screen, solve the problem of reflective light and glare on the screen, improve the image quality of the picture. This low light reflection makes objects or landscapes on the other side of the glass extremely clear, free from aberrant reflections of light or images, and also enables the color rendering and contrast to be appreciated to its fullest. 

    Anti Glare Glass can lower the influnce of surrounding light, improve the visible range and light level of monitor, and reduce the reflectance. In this way, the images become clearer, more colorful, and better saturation.


    1. Reduce reflection

    2. Clear And Soft performance

    3. Visible light transmittance greater than 98%

    4. V. L Reflected less than 1%


    1. Widely applying in electronic, electric equipment, instrument, display protector and so on;

    2. For example, CRT, LCD, PDP, tablet PC, scanner, copier, electrograph.