Corporate Responsibility

Our Business (Core Business)

Integrated solutions for flat glass and mirror.

Our Vision

Become the world's reference for flat glass and mirror through the support of an ethical and sustainability culture.

Our Mission

Offer products with quality and cutting-edge technology, that make a society by being tuned in with the environment.

Our Values

Dedication to customers: We are in business to serve customers. We focus on our markets and dedicate ourselves to meeting the products and services needs of our customers.

Respect for the dignity, rights and contributions of employees: We operate safe, healthful and harassment-free workplaces that value diversity, promote teamwork and reward performance. We develop our people through continuous learning, creating an environment where opinions are expressed and respected.

Value of supply chain relationships: We leverage supplier competencies and develop relationships that focus on mutual, continuous improvement and shared responsibility ot meet our customer requirements.

Responsibility to shareholders: We are a perfomance-focused company committed to the stewardship of the corporation and to delivering returns to HEXAD's owners.

Innovation: We are focused on identifying opportunities and developing alternatives to implement and improve products, services, processes, policies and procedures by aiming at the evolution of the business.

Ethics: We have a set of standards, attitudes, principles and values that guide our behavior and relations in the search of common good.

Team spirit: We are engaged, work with synergy and have the same focus when seeking the best results.

Capacity to realize with promptness: We operate with assertiveness and urgency when serving business needs, with low costs and superior quality.

Superior quality: We constantly try to provide the best product and service, satisfying customers' needs and overcoming client expectations.

Sustainablility and social and environmental responsibility: We serve the interests and needs of the business by taking on the commitment to preserve the environment and respecting society through  a set of practices together with the community, encouraging and practicing rational use of resources, and contributing to the sustainability of the planet.